houseworks Launches SieMatic Compact Design


Houseworks, Ireland’s leading interiors company and exclusive supplier of SieMatic kitchens in Ireland, has announced the arrival of SieMatic CompactDesign at its showroom in Dublin. SieMatic CompactDesign is an example of the growing trend in smaller design solutions and innovative compact planning by making clever use of space without sacrificing ease of use and style. CompactDesign brings efficiency and cost savings without compromising quality.

The SieMatic CompactDesign kitchen recently installed in houseworks’ Dublin Showrooms retails at under €26,000! This price includes sink & tap, stone design worktops and installation. Electrical appliances are extra.

Like the other high-end products houseworks offers, SieMatic CompactDesign combines quality values, expertise and reliability with world-class design standards. The range uses clear and graphic design concepts, colour and shapes along with innovative and varied storage solutions throughout, offering an intelligent approach to storage space and singularly variable planning. Features include the MultiMatic interior fitting system, shelf cabinets with sliding doors and the SieMatic wall system, all of which make the best use of any small space.

The SieMatic CompactDesign focuses on high-end, world-class design and craftsmanship mixed with integrity and flexibility for timeless elegance and contemporary living. With SieMatic CompactDesign and some creative ingenuity, even a compact area can be made into an elegant kitchen with character.

Houseworks offer a full planning and installation service that spans from conception to installation, for both private and contract work.

Retails from €15,000 to €30,000 depending on size and spec. Please contact us for more details.